Ringsjöns Fiskevårds-

ringsjön - In ENglish

Ringsjön, south Sweden,
Rules for angling:

The fishing permit must be worn visible, the permit can not be transferred.

On demand you must show your permit together with your identity card.

It is up to the holder of the fishing permit to make sure, that rules and limits concerning the area, are followed.


Only handtools, max 2 fishing rods.

Trolling is prohibited (motor fishing).

It is forbidden to fish within 200 Meters from built up area.

Children up to 16 years fish free, in company of an adult.

Disposed area

Ringsjön - west, "Västra Ringjön"
Ringsjön - east, "Östra Ringsjön"
( see map, below )

Minimum measures

Pik 90 cm
Pike-perch 45 cm


Max. numbers of caught fish /fishing permit
and /24 hours:
Pike-perch 1
Perch 10
Pik 2

Fishing for pike-perch is not permitted during the month of May.


Prices for fishing permits, Ringsjön:

One day 80 SEK
One week 200 SEK
One month 300 SEK
One year 500 SEK
One year family 600 SEK

Where can I buy a fishing permit?

You can buy it on

See maps, of the lake Ringsjön, and images below:

Ringsjön  - south Sweden -  is 3 different lakes  Västra Ringsjön,  Östra Ringsjön and  Sätoftasjön


Djup i de olika 3 delarna av Ringsjön


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